Youyang Hu, Chiaochi Chou

plants, glass, metal, computer, electronic device
The Parliament of Signals – within each organism or network interlaced by organisms, bio-signals are presently passing resolutions.

Symbolizing ‘energy’ in the new ecosystem, the hybridized bio-installation Pneuma seeks to keep itself facing the sunlight through its internal signal exchange system, and channeling the converted energy into its immediate surroundings, just like what plants do in the natural world.

In this installation, each leaf is a light-sensing unit which clusters around the tree at the center. The canopy is divided into different zones according to direction. When light illuminates part of the leaves, the electronic signals of photosynthesis are collected and calculated, from which the direction of the light source can be identified. Plants more or less live on a tiny part of the bio-energy they convert from light through photosynthesis. Most of the energy is transmitted into the soil, where micro-organisms can make full use of these organic substances to produce ionized electrons, which can be converted into bio-electric energy if collected with electrodes. Y2K collects and stores the electric energy generated by the tree and connects multiple water-collecting trays. The tree will respond to the light source by releasing energy in the form of water wave, affecting the dynamism of its ambient ecology.


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