Youyang Hu, Chiaochi Chou

plants, metal, computer, electronic device
Eden in cyber era

From the first era of agriculture until now, human beings have continually intervened in the development of the natural world through all kinds of technologies. We intend to build a mechanical instrument to highlight the overly disruptive effects of technology on the natural world.

To build this machine, we first created a database of plant samples to help us control and manipulate it with 100% accuracy. Based on the model we learned to completely control the speed of growth and the path of stem growth. As soon as the audience draws an outline of the plant stem in a 3D model program, the computer will transmit each piece of information into code to control the movement of the motor for adjusting the position and angle of light and basin, to cultivate the shape and form of the plant to match the drawn model.

By digitalizing all growth factors, our machine is trying to echo the history of domestication of plants that has been taking place since the dawn of agriculture. We need to consider whether using technology to intervene in the natural environment was right, or whether we are now facing paradise lost again while trying to build a neo garden of Eden?

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