Youyang Hu is an artist and Ph.D. researcher at The University of Tokyo. He dedicated himself to conducting biohybrid experimental creations, using the calculable and augmented aspects of life as tentacles to redefine the relationship between life and nature.


The University of Tokyo          2022-ongoing 

Ph.D. Emerging Design and Informatics Course
Yasuaki Kakehi Lab.

National Taiwan University      2018-2021 

M.Sc Graduate Institution of Networking and Multimedia

Shih Chien University            2014-2018 

B.Des Department of Communication Design


Solo Exhibition

Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei -Lighthesis     .Oct 2022    

Museum of Natural Science, Taichung  -草木一见   .Mar 2021

Songshan Cultural Park, Taipei  -信释              .Oct 2020

Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei  -信释            .Sep 2020

Group Exhibition

Xlab Showcase 2023, Tokyo -Synplant                .Mar 2023

ZOU-NO-HANA Futurescape, Tokyo -Synplant         .Dec 2022

Art TAIPEI 2022, Taipei -LightFall+Pneuma          .Oct 2022

Stone Sculpture Museum, Hualien -Cradle            .Oct 2022

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung -Pneuma  .Oct 2021

Museum of Drinking Water, Taipei -Movement         .Oct 2021

Ars Electronica Festival, Linz  -Cradle               .Sep 2021

Remedium-Poznan Art Week, Poland  -Syn-thesasia    .Oct 2020

HOW Art Museum, Shanghai  -Cybernation               .Feb 2020

Ars Electronica Festival, Linz  -Cybernation          .Sep 2019

YouFab Global Creative Award, Japan  -Cybernation    .Jan 2019

Unstable Media Art Festival, Taipei  -Meditation      .Jan 2019

Taipei Digital Arts Festival, Taipei  -Syn-thesasia    .Nov 2018

MANA LIFE GEEK, Shanghai  -Syn-thesasia               .Oct 2018

Maker Faire, Taipei  -Response Traces                   .Jul 2017


Bio Art & Design Award (BAD)
-Finalist                      .Apr 2023

Bio Art & Design Award (BAD)

-Match Event                  .Apr 2022

ACM Multimedia (ACMMM)

-Best Student Paper Award  .Sep 2021

Taipei Arts Award 

-Finalist                      .Dec 2020

YouFab Global Creative Awards

-Finalist                      .Dec 2018

K.T. Technology and Humanities Award

-Silver Awards                .Nov 2018


-Data visualization Awards  .Nov 2018

K.T. Technology and Humanities Award

-Silver Awards                .May 2017


Synplant: Cymatics Visualization of Plant-Environment Interaction Based on Plants Biosignals

-SIGGRAPH Art Paper    .Aug 2023

Lucid Dream: Sensing and Artistic Representation of Plant-Nature Interaction Based on Plants Biosignals
-Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA)     .May 2023

aBio: Active Bi-Olfactory Display Using Subwoofers for Virtual Reality
-ACM Multimedia (ACMMM) Oral Paper     .Oct 2021

Apercevoir: Bio Internet of Things Interactive System
-ACM Multimedia (ACMMM) Interactive Arts  .Oct 2021

aBio: Active Bi-Olfactory Display Using Subwoofers for Virtual Reality
-Leonardo / ISAST   .Sep 2021

Response Traces

-ACM Interactions Magazine  .Mar 2017

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